I don't think that motorsport is so broken it needs fixing. From my point of view it seems more popular than ever. All of motorsport should be kissing Top Gear's arse, their viewership numbers over the last 10 years have had no small impact on the popularity of all motorsport. » 8/10/13 2:28pm 8/10/13 2:28pm

A History Of Nissan Z Commercials As Ranked On A Scale Of John Oates…

In the great pantheon of automotive TV commercials, one ad stands above all the others. It harkens back to a time when men were real men and women rode around in their luxuriously-appointed Japanese sportscars. It is visually stunning and features an incredible soundtrack. It is ridiculous beyond all comprehension… » 4/01/13 9:02am 4/01/13 9:02am

My bout with open source tuning

I recently received an email from a BMW enthusiast asking about my experience in the open source tuning community. The guy wanted to hear some of the lessons I learned and pitfalls he should be aware of as he and a few others begin to release their own work. Thinking about how to respond has me reminiscing about a… » 3/15/13 11:23am 3/15/13 11:23am

How McLaren Built The Greatest Formula One Car Of All-Time

Tucked away in a factory, deep in the heart of England, a group of engineers worked tirelessly through the winter. Their dream was to craft a World Championship winning machine, capable of re-writing the history books. They garnered the most powerful engines, enlisted the world’s fastest drivers, and constructed an… » 3/06/13 4:05pm 3/06/13 4:05pm

This Is The Best Actual Spaceship To Make Into A Car

You know how sometimes you get a really stupid idea in your head, and it won't just go away until you, somehow, act upon it? Not only is this the story behind 90% of swastika tattoos, but it's also the story behind this post you're reading right now. In this case, the idea is this simple question: if you had to make… » 3/06/13 12:16pm 3/06/13 12:16pm

The Nismo Nissan GT-R Is Coming

Nissan's Nismo division is where they stick all the engineers obsessed with speed. You know the ones. They even have to urinate faster than the person in the next stall. At an event moments ago, Nissan officially opened a new Nismo plant and CEO Carlos Ghosn announced they'd finally be offering a Nismo version of the… » 2/25/13 9:17pm 2/25/13 9:17pm

I Bought The Top Gear Merkur XR4Ti

It's been a bad secret for the last few months, but I thought I should let everyone know, officially, that I am the proud owner of the most famous Merkur XR4Ti in the world. This is similar to having the world's most famous spaetzle press in that it's not particularly impressive, vaguely German, and a completely… » 2/25/13 3:09pm 2/25/13 3:09pm