This week on Chris Harris on Cars, Chris does double presenting duty, with his pointed commentary on the sports cars at the Geneva Motor Show and driving sideways in a highly-fortified German luxury product. It's a two-for-one sale.

Motor show reports can be a bit dull, says Harris, but not if there are new McLaren and Ferrari hypercars, a new GT3 and an Alfa sports car to check out. Which one of the Ferrari-McLaren-Lamborghini million-dollar trifecta doesn't belong due to its homeliness? Monkey doesn't hold back.

Sandwiched between the Geneva segments is the typical Harris road test of the newest, and perhaps stealthiest Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG on the twisties of Southern Spain.

And if you were confused about who in the world gets which-wheel-drive, Harris sets the record straight. Here's a hint: The UK gets the real hoonmobile.